In this article, I’ll walk you through what I learn from Misty Weaver’s Content Marketing class at the University of Washington Communication Leadership master’s program and how I use content strategy to help the class client building brand storytelling via a podcast campaign.

The client for this class project is Virtual World Society (VWS), a Seattle-based nonprofit organization “using immersive technology to drive positive change.” The founder Tom Furness is a well-known figure in the VR/AR tech world.

Source: VWS

Understand the organization you’re working with and its business goals.

I start with a comparative review by picking VWS’ comparators. In this case, I choose Girls who code, The Recurse…


Isabel Wang carrying a self-made sign at the Black Lives Matter Solidarity Rally in Taipei, Taiwan on June 13th. Photo courtesy of Isabel Wang.

My name is Isabel Wang and I grew up in Taiwan. I came to Seattle last September to pursue my Master’s of Communication in Communities and Networks in UW’s Communication Leadership program. As I was new to UW, FIUTS became a great portal through which to explore campus resources, meet friends from around the world, learn about American culture, and participate in a wealth of events held on and off campus.

After a month at UW, I started an eight-month advocacy journalism fellowship program with the International Examiner, a local Seattle-based newspaper. The program’s goal was to find the missing…



Taiwan’s efforts to contain the virus has been praised globally. Photo courtesy of MOFA, Republic of China (Taiwan).

You have probably seen the poster in your neighborhood that reads, “Viruses Don’t Discriminate and Neither Should We.” It is part of the anti-stigma resources published by Seattle King County Public Health during the coronavirus outbreak. The poster’s heading caught my attention because there is increasing bias and instances of harassment toward Asians around the world.

I have heard stories from Asian friends living abroad about how they have been mistreated because they are wearing masks. I have also seen many similar stories posted in overseas Taiwanese Facebook groups sharing how they have been assaulted for not wearing a mask…

Left to right: Isabel Wang, Carmen Hom, Angel Chi, Sabreen Abdullah, Alexa Strabuk. Photo by Auriza Ugalino.

By Isabel Wang

22-year-old Carmen Hom, who is Chinese American, spent most of her life growing up in the suburb Castro Valley, California. Her paternal grandfather immigrated in the 1930s from Toisan, China, to San Francisco when he was 16 years old. He became the foundation of bringing everyone else in the family to the United States. A lot of the family members from her mother’s side are still living in Hong Kong, to which she feels a strong connection.

Family is Carmen’s strongest support and she lives by her father’s values of authenticity, generosity and honesty. Music plays a…

Isabel Wang

I love everything about content creation and brand storytelling.

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